geodesic.entanglement.object.add_objects(objects, overwrite=False, project=None, batch_size=1000, show_progress=False)[source]

Add new nodes or update existing nodes.

  • objects (list) – a list of objects to add/update. All should have the project set or they will be updated from the specified project (or active project is no project is specified)

  • overwrite (bool) – (deprecated) If overwrite is True, will overwrite existing nodes, otherwise will raise an exception if they exist. This will be ignored because data versioning covers this.

  • project (Optional[Union[str, geodesic.account.projects.Project]]) – which project to add them to.

  • batch_size (int) – the max number of objects to write in a single request

  • show_progress (bool) – if True, will show a tqdm progress bar (if available)


A dictionary of Objects successfully added, keyed by the object’s full name


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